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Don't be shy! - Andro - 18-05-2016

Don't be shy!

Hi Everyone,

Quite a few people have joined this discussion board since its inception...

I have already communicated privately with some people here, so I know that everyone here has some 'treasures' to share.

So don't hesitate to actively participate in existing discussions - or initiate new ones! I hope you guys haven't joined this place just to passively 'lurk' Blush ...

See THIS if you want to check the most recent posts... You may have some value to add...

Some of the people I know here are knowledgeable in various areas, such as health/healing, shamanism, astrology, science, art, finance and politics - to name a few...

Most people with whom I have corresponded in the past are also excellent writers. Others are great at other forms of expression (music, video, etc...). And how about some Alchemical Cooking recipes? Wink

ALSO: Don't be put off by the possibility that someone here might occasionally disagree with you!

I know, it's SO weird when it happens... But something tells me we'll be able to live through the unbearable horrors of disagreement Smile

You may not share someone else's perspectives, just as someone else may not share yours. However, feel free to engage in discussion, especially if the other party brings relevant and well researched points to the table!

On the other hand, if you feel like someone else is here just to troll or to act in a contrarian manner just for the sake of it, and without providing any substantial replies other than vague and/or deliberately provoking statements - just ignore them! Yes, it's THAT easy Cool !

Oh, and this is a place for sharing, not a place to 'preach the one and only gospel of truth'... Most likely, none of us here was appointed by a 'higher authority' to guide others on the 'right path'...
(And even if you believe this to be the case, at least don't be too damn obvious about it Tongue ...)

So, you're ALL 'officially' invited to actively take part in these forums! This place is what we make of it!

So don't be shy! Or BE shy, and participate just the same!

Why don't you start by posting an Introduction Thread, if you haven't done so already? Or create a thread about what Liberation means to you?

Looking forward!


RE: Don't be shy! - Andro - 11-06-2016

For some reason, quite a few people who are members on this forum are sending me, or have sent me in the past (via email or Skype) bits of their own excellent research and insights.

It's not that I don't enjoy communicating 1x1, but guys, everyone I've corresponded and/or talked with has some really valuable stuff, so come on, post it here so everyone else can benefit as well!

There are maybe around 20 people who have joined and haven't posted anything since, not even an introduction... So again, don't be shy!

A forum is meant for discussions. A forum is what its members make of it.

We have created this place because there was a clearly expressed interest from literally dozens of people in having a discussion board like this.

But if people don't post, there won't be anything for lurkers to read Smile

Please see this as an encouragement to participate!

Also, members who haven't posted anything as well as members who only made one or two posts and then 'disappeared' will be placed in 'Inactive Member' status, with limited forum access.

If you log in and see yourself moved to 'Inactive' status, you can always Contact Us and express your interest to actively participate.

Additionally, there are people who have initiated the registration process but have not completed their application (which is required for being granted active membership).

If registrations are not fully completed within 7 days from initiating them, they will be deleted from the system.