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We Have Never Seen Anything like This... (2017-2018 EVENTS) - iamtruthseeker - 26-02-2017

Not sure this is the right place to present this but I will leave it to Andro to decide Big Grin

OK folks, they/we/it are & have been transitioning the game into the next phase of the human experience for a long time now. The question is if there is still time, how does one get ahead of it before it gets ahead of you? If it matters to one of course.

Based on my perception every transition benefits those most who are aware & take steps to secure what ever way best suits self & their position before it fully goes down. Otherwise its another struggle to overcome for those who prefer to be free as one can be in this reality, when you already stuck in it & want out. The current level has taken me 11 years to try to gain some level of freedoms but only in knowledge & awareness. I can do some things with it that most are not able to do to protect myself but there is more that can be done.

The game will do what it does to preserve itself as I see it. This next level more so eliminates true freedom/privacy & how a lot of folks in this forum see the world may be considered a threat to the system/matrix or am I being overly concerned here? Maybe awareness is enough & one should just go with the flow? I can't see myself just going with the flow seeing things as I do today but one will be tested when the hard shit hits the fan. 

Microchip anyone? Revelation 13:17 - no one will be able to buy, sell or whatever until he receives the mark of the beast. I had already thought we were at that point with the legal name & ID # attached but this was just the warm up it appears now. I believe that most of the population are caught up in some sort of religion, so this will be an easy transition for them (the controllers) to pull off, as most folks have no mind of their own  & will not make the proper connection or go with the flow for their survival.    

Cuba Gooding starred in Hardwired 2009 in a future world dominated by the corporation. I saw this movie years ago but after watching the YouTube video, this movie came to mind again.
In this movie I thought it was interesting that they told people that the Unites States is a corporation by one of the main characters. 

The future is now & it's been dominated by corporations for real for a very long time already:

RE: We Have Never Seen Anything like This... (2017-2018 EVENTS) - Martin - 26-02-2017

This post/thread is related to existing discussions in the 'Technology & Transhumanism' section.

At around 10 min, Elon Musk is saying:  "All of us, already, are cyborgs.  You have a machine extension of yourself in the form of your phone and your computer and all your applications. You are already superhuman."

At 15:53 the lecturer says:  "The Antichrist is going to utilize this technology to create this system whereby he can control the Universe."

What is noteworthy is that for each new attempt at more control by Ahrimanic forces, Human Spirit devise a countermeasure to thwart the dark schemes.

Many claim we have now entered in a new cycle/era of free will and 'law of consent' after 2012, I see certain evidence in support of this claim, in spite of all the gloom and doom.

While the low-vibrational external scenery on Earth is a library of interesting observations & experiences, many of us are ultimately headed towards sharing/creating new planes of Harmony and Balance with like-minded friends.

RE: We Have Never Seen Anything like This... (2017-2018 EVENTS) - Ambivalent - 26-02-2017

Most folks have no mind of their own & will not make the proper connection. What is the proper connection in the context of this thread?

A friend of mine joined Jehovah Witnesses about 13 years ago. Part of his time he said was spent looking for signs of the end times. He might still be looking which is to say the daily grind continues. Islamists, the good ones who follow the noble Quran, have a similar longing.They long for the sight of slaughtered infidels, charred ruins and bellowing black smoke.