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Think - Ambivalent - 12-03-2017

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” 

Here is an introduction to Socrates, and while I find it odd to hear the presenter talk about beliefs, the video contains some decent information.

RE: Think - Ambivalent - 12-03-2017

RE: Think - iamtruthseeker - 12-03-2017

As-King. This is what I started learning in 2011 as it relates to dealing with corporate government & the commercial system overall. It wants people to go along with all of it's glorious illusion that give it power over the people. People who animate these institutions hate being posed with questions outside of their box, as it exposes it's authority or bogus claims of any type, this may lead to aggression, threat or force lol.  

I do feel though that not all are as capable of utilizing this tool to their benefit as many are what they are. I think that many if not most are predisposed to being sheep-like.

Good stuff.

RE: Think - Ambivalent - 12-03-2017

Conspiracy materials crave to be questioned in order to separate the mumbo from the jumbo. Chains upon chains of disillusioned people have joined ranks over the years to form and grow into a herd (Sheeple v2) that frown at the bigger herd while grazing at designated pastures, eyes moving rapidly from side to side.

RE: Think - Ambivalent - 03-09-2017