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Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the "Magnetic Current" - kio - 20-04-2017

Hydrogen is an interesting combustible fuel source.  I'm curious if any of you have studied the separation/production of Hydrogen and Oxygen from H2O? 

Lately I've been reading up on HHO Generators (dry cells in particular).  Through low voltage electrolysis the separation occurs (1 to 2 volts).

But to be efficient, there is a need for higher voltage, let's say 12 volts.  In order to reach the 1 - 2 volts maximum, most dry cells will run a 12 volt current between 1 positive plate and 1 negative plate, with 5 neutral plates on between; this creates 6 spaces for water to fill, and therefor divides the 12 volt current by six.  

My own question is to take this process a step further with an understanding of the "Magnetic Current" of Edward Leedskalnin.  In the electrolysis process, the hydrogen is attracted to the negative terminal, whereas the oxygen is attracted to the positive.

Can the "dry cell" HHO generator be made even more efficient (less voltage, less plates, less everything -- more HHO production) with the use of the "Magnetic Current" ?

I'll be doing some practical research in the near future, so for now this thread will be the theoretical research with you all Wink

RE: Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the "Magnetic Current" - Dendritic Xylem - 29-04-2017

I have a dry cell which was optimized for rectified 110v.
It requires electrolyte, and the plates very slowly corrode over time.
Mine still works fine, but I get a little iron in the electrolyte solution after heavy use using 316L stainless.

It seems to me that the brute-force electrolysis of electrolyte solutions is not the best way to go if looking for overunity.
The concentric tube capacitive cells that are running distilled water seem interesting, supposedly Stanley Meyer worked on that.
The water injectors with built in plasma ignition were also rumored to have been worked on by Meyer.
Some people talk about putting water through the intake manifold and cracking it with certain spark circuits, like the Ganga Shakti inverter setup.
I like the idea of running ultrasonic water fog through a pipe containing electrical fields.

Not sure how to use Leedskalnin theory on a dry cell. Most hho electrolysis sources say to avoid plates with residual magnetism. 
Looking forward to your ideas for implementing magnetic current!
I have a feeling the Hans Coler devices are related to Leedskalnin current.