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Alchemy/Chemistry - Prometheus - 06-05-2017


Here is what I sum up, in order to explain people what is Alchemy compared to regular chemistry, (this is only my understanding) :

- We consider that matter is made out of three Principles : Salt, Sulfur & Mercury.

- We consider that atoms are molecules of Salt, Sulfur & Mercury.

- We consider the possible evolution of the Matter toward a greater Perfection (order and charge of Life)

- We repeat simple chemical operations (cohobations, purifications and calcinations, filtrations, cristallisations...) several times.

- We do long, very long coctions.

- We consider the existence of a tangible spirit of life (Spiritus Mundi), giving also intelligence to the matter, and new forms of life.

-  We consider transmutation as normal and necessary to accomplish what we seek.

- We consider that the "Philosopher Stone" exist and is a logical achievement.