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Hello everyone ! - Ysopaica - 05-06-2017

Hello everyone,

I am a French native speaker living in Belgium so please be indulgent with my English !
Having always been interested in Nature's mysteries, an accident that happened 7 years ago (during the so-called "Saturn return")  made me instantaneously and intuitively realizing that the seeking of God (=Universal Mind) was the only True goal who was worth to be sought. I then started to study plenty of spiritual books and teachings and to practice them (Masonry, Martinism, Taoism, Yoga, etc.). 
I've been particularly involved in Gnostic Christianism, on his dualistic side first (classical theology, Christian esotericism, the practice of the "Rosary" and Gnostic orders reception).
More seduced by Plato than by Aristotle, I started to embrace a non-dualistic path with a very good teacher and practitioner - teachings which took their roots in the Christian Science movement and its by-product (The Infinite Way, Science of Mind, etc.).
I today have left all orders and associations (I mainly encountered fools over there) and prefer to exchange with friends and "brothers on the path" as well as to practice a personal and evolving "mix" (or "de-evolving", let's be lucid Undecided ). 
I currently consider that cultural layers and belief systems stand in the way of true seeking, that's why I am now attracted by the corresponding teachings: i.e. Tom Campbell, Chan ("belief cleaned mix" of Buddhism and Taoism),  Yogani (Yoga "cleaned" by a spiritually evolved American scientist) and ... Hermetic Vision of course  Big Grin

I am also an "apprentice alchemist" and have worked on vegetal, astral, mineral and animal realm, but also touched a lot to solar alchemy and the universal path.
Having used and abused of "Fire", both internally with an astrological temperament marked by an excess of fire and externally with Natural Fire and Solar fire, the pseudo Ysopaica fits well as it means " the Art of washing with Fire".

I hate talking about "me", so consider this as a therapy  Smile

See you soon !

RE: Hello everyone ! - GnosisLover - 06-06-2017

Hello, Ysopaica. Glad to see you here and thanks for sharing of your path & interests. Welcome! Smile

RE: Hello everyone ! - Prometheus - 10-06-2017

Welcome ! 

Apprentice alchemist and you've worked on all the kingdoms + solar + universal ... I don't call that being apprentice even though we are always students of Nature.

Hope to see you in the Alchemical section. 

Take care !

RE: Hello everyone ! - Raidho - 23-06-2017

Sounds like an interesting ride.
Do you have experiences with ESP or astral travel?

RE: Hello everyone ! - Ysopaica - 23-06-2017

(23-06-2017, 03:59 PM)Raidho wrote: Do you have experiences with ESP or astral travel?


I never succeed to do an OOBE ... What du you mean by "ESP" ?

RE: Hello everyone ! - TheKwon - 25-06-2017

Thanks for sharing!! And Welcome  Smile

RE: Hello everyone ! - patrick - 30-06-2017

(23-06-2017, 10:31 PM)Ysopaica wrote: Hello,

I never succeed to do an OOBE ... What du you mean by "ESP" ?

Pretty sure that is extra sensory perception - ie, clarivoyance, telekenesis etc...

Welcome Ysopaica!!!!!! I tend to pop in and out for long stretches - but i'm loving the fire aspects as I'm also heavy fire signs on the astro personifying the sun in aries Smile

Recently i came across the expression "fire-water" which is spirits aka alcohol and that fits for the overall theme of my life - i'm like fire-water when i'm around others as i will lift you up but i am not shy about showing you the bottom of your well protected hell thus i am judicious about spending time in public...

Looking forward to some first hand experiences of interest!