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Imbibing the lower with the higher - Ysopaica - 08-06-2017

I listened with great attention the YouTube video of Andro titled « Initiation through hallucination » (

The key point I’d like to talk about here is the idea of « imbibing the lower with the higher » and then to compare it with two concrete Christian methods I’ve been using.

A.    Summary of Andro’s talks
     1.      Paradox and “continuum”

Universe (all layers) is a mental creation within the Universal Mind (=” God”), which is absolute and unknowable.
We, “Free Will Awareness Unit” or “Individuated Unit of Consciousness”, are then a kind of unreal hallucination within a virtual reality space-time construct. But we are simultaneously self-aware and can perceive ourselves to be real from our subjective point of view.
We are unreal and real all at once: Paradox.
To embrace this paradox of both existing and non-existing at the same time, we need to consider these 2 extremes as the opposite sides of a continuum.

     2.     “As above, so below”

If everything is a hallucination, these last differ in their level/grade/frequency. More a hallucination has a higher frequency, more it is close to the Universal Mind.
Emerald Tablet axiom: As above, so below. Above hallucination (higher frequency, “heaven”)/below hallucination (lower frequency, “earth”). They both are a hallucination, but they differ in their degree/frequency/grade.


Imbibition of the above upon the below to induce a process of accelerated evolution.

     3.     Surrender

If we are driven by a desire of accelerated evolution, Imbibing the above upon the below must go hand-in-hand with the requirement that the lowest surrender to the highest.
B.    My experience

     1.      Rosary

A very common way for Christians to pray is called the “Rosary”. Ideally, in a relaxed meditative state of mind, you start to recite prayers, mainly the “Pater Noster (PN)” and the “Ave Maria (AM)” : 1 PN — 10 AM — 1PN — 10 AM, etc.
We find here the same notions. The PN is a kind of statement of intent: you express your intent to surrender to a higher mind. The Ave Maria is more about the imbibition. Maria is the archetype of a pure Soul (in the sense of the Greek psyche). Repeating Maria connects us to the intent of purifying our soul to let enter something higher. Then the word Jesus, in that same prayer, connects us to the intention of imbibing our soul with a higher frequency (spirit, in the sense of the Greek pneuma). If we consider Jesus Christ as the Archetypal man, the “Superman”, the word Jesus repeated in that process is supposed to act as an imbibition of the above (Jesus) on the below (us).
The Rosary contains then the same process as explained in point A: In an act of surrender, imbibition of the above upon the below to induce a process of accelerated evolution.

     2.     Genesis 1

A Christian non-dualistic way of meditating/praying consists in focusing on Genesis 1. Genesis 1 contains the 7 divine operations in action. Genesis I describes the divine operations that create a world for which God himself assert it is perfect. To reach such a perfection, 7 modus operandi, 7 God’s aspect are going to express themselves.
How to proceed?
Man’s mind (below) is in a sense the counterfeit of God’s Mind (above).
When we try to become one with one of these 7 aspects, we are imbibing the lower with the higher. We then try to consciously become one with the divine consciousness.
For example, the 5th day expresses the idea of “absolute life”:
God is an endless source of life. A pure life that does not depend on the matter. This abundance of life is available everytime & everywhere. Etc.

[This is an abstract of abstract!]

C.    My question

Let’s say that I would like to practice a similar method (= "Imbibing the lower with the higher) but cleaned from every cultural layers/belief system, how can I do?

RE: Imbibing the lower with the higher - invictus - 09-06-2017

To your main question. I am not an expert but will start with something and following my OWN experience:

A quote from Guru Rinpoche Smile

"It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free."

My point here is in the first stages the lower/subjective mind is used as a tool (upon itself note that Smile ) to direct itself into that higher and higher direction. Following my senses/feelings until now, it is as you're associating and tuning to different energy formations from a higher degree let say. OK! You will say "I think I know that already in my own way" haha! Continuing ...

... continuing now with my own experince, btw I discovered Guru Rinpoche (quotes) a bit lately in my life, it is surrendring to that natural inner state (What it is? Continuing haha!)... so following the last words, another one from Guru Rinpoche:

"The non-created, self-radiant wisdom being actionless,
immaculate, and transcendent over acceptance and rejection,
is itself the perfect practice."

So again it might seem as a method but it is the most clearest explanation of what I have found by myself to your question. Speaking like Castaneda Smile it is a complete capitulation of your subjective mind/lower Ego and blah blah stuff haha! Or using some kabbalah it is the Da'at sephirot .. or in other words the abyss .. the non-created where from alchemical point of the prima materia can be reached/perceived without distortions (as it is). Or I heard Andro to talk about it .. and that's why I'm here in the first place - the NON-created self.

So finishing ... you still need to let go of eveything, but I mean freaking everything, to induce that deep presence state more and more ... and more with practice is how I'm doing it - dr Obvious speaking haha! As far as I know this is called the direct way, without using mantras and etc. and gradually dissolving the subjective/lower mind. But still think/accept some of the mantras and prayers should be considered as guidance. And it is a personal stuff/preference : ) Someone can do it without mantras, others are using mantras (tools from your mind for your mind) - this is STRONGLY related to what is happening inside your mental/emotional landscape. I can see you have deep christian knowledge ... so it is like Jesus maan Big Grin surrender.

And what follows from above practice is that the more is practiced the more it immaculates (using the Guru's word) and enriches/enlivens/enlightens (all that esoteric mumbo-jumbo stuff) all of you (on all levels/freq/degrees) - so transformation. The supa'man! Everyone wants to be supa'man these days ... I mean seriously ... these guys can't be any more original than that!  Big Grin Big Grin

You might think I am joking - I am and I am not haha! This is my last point/joke. You want to clear all belief systems and methods ... and yet you are asking for one (method) on how to do it Smile

Make sense? Big Grin

These are my two cents!

PS: Everyone who wants to correct me about that kabbalah stuff and so on - feel free bro Big Grin I wouldn't mind!
PS2: One last thing! Can I reach that state at my current life point ... NO! I was able in a sense but lost the touch! Yeah it happens btw, why? Well girls and attachment stuff Big Grin Big Grin  So I'm clearing myself again ... it is my weak point .. to be there for somebody Big Grin  OMG sounding like dr Phil ... Why I'm saying these last words. Not to regret myself not at all. Because I found out when you reach some of the deepest states and all that joy/understanding/wisdom makes you help everyone around you ... so that compassion state MUST be controlled so it won't become idiot compassion : )

Short answer long!  Big Grin  But wanted to point out some important points .. in case someone wouldn't want to get buuurned!