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a Sin-Thesis - patrick - 26-06-2017

Wow - i didnt even noticed sin-thesis until i went to share this with ye-all! Man i am blown away at almost every step of the wandering ways of the path - any who...this could get long...i've been doing another deep dive...this time i ran out of air, died and arrived here to tell a tale...out of school...

Its been almost six months since i've stopped to say hi - some may remember of my passage on the path of liberating the paper life (the "Name" and certificate of live birth(s)) - but only after doing the harder work, liberating the internal nous, logos eros ethos...some call it Christ...i know it as kristos...the less corrupted SOUND which opens the sealed halls of being mirrors...

i went through a dark journey, not of my soul, i did that back in the twenties, this time it was the dark journey of mind...loosing it...sort of, piece by piece...until i took notice and spent the better part of the past 8 months undoing it...but the twisted irony of it all was that i went deep into bliss until i realized i was completely listless and unmoved by anything physical - it was in the midst of that bliss i called out to kristos and kristos filled the empty vessel up with - about all i can say thus far...there are two beings in here merging into the other to become a new is really risen wo/men!!!!!!!

now - i didnt know why, but most of this was spontaneous - i follow my heart rather easily...i was calling out to kristos from a deep place last year...i specifically knew to use KRISTOS not christ...i wouldnt discover why until a new man came into my life - that man waiting for me after this experience b/c his being would have been "too white hot" for me without the first interaction he explained to me the true power of the word and how CH is a corruption of the root harmonic sounds we used to make to move mountains literally with our voices, a voice that is held by the only creature which can form SOUNDS not noises - Man - if you look up CHANIA CRETE you discover its pronouncd KANIA...with a K sound

CH is K...CH is a NOISE corrupting the true K sound...i am merely scratching the sniff snicker if u can perceive how deep this will go for you...i have so much to share...i will leave this here for now and come back and extrapolate more on it...suffice it to say SOUNDS have the power to MOVE but not words on paper....this new man i met, his father is a true preacher...he filled his house every night with gospel shows in his son, who i am blessed to call my true friend...

english is a magical reverse language - Sanskrit and Arabic, among others, are written from right to left...our language is from the left brain...part of the reason the western mind is so good at isolating (eastern vs western mind book) is we have this twining going on with our left brain hemisphere trained to express from left to right - the eastern systems can be written in any direction!!!!!!!!!! painting in broad brushes - the eastern mind is more cognizant of the whole than of its parts...english though contains so many layers...easiest way to innerstand it is words contain simple meanings, reverse/backwards meaning, anagram meanings, glossa meanings, inside out meanings and acronym meanings and im probably missing one or two more levels but its moot for my ends...

my favorite word puzzle discovered thus far is placenta...which is the ancient roots of the modern day slavery system the romans developed as a mind control system codified in the holy bible for empire management and reducing the necessity of war to subjugate the peoples by consent...yes by consent...the romans IMO are the most fair people ever...b/c they were the first independent thinkers who rope a doped the whole world governing system into their hands...and left the "rope a dopes" in control allowing them to think they're in control! praetorian one sees coming Smile

placenta - tan place - t.a.n. p.l.a.c.e. - tax account name position location action condition existence - this is the source of that which ills ye...a deformed idea of an ancient time justifying the need for adopting the children of god and administering their minds until the time that Gods people can govern their own minds...

AMERICA anagrams - i am race - no where else in the world do we speak of RACE - we speak of ethnicity and of peoples...not skin colors Smile  instrument - trust in men...

anywho i share all this mainly to scratch the surface at how long it takes to unravel our minds around simple stuff like sounds we use to share meaning with another being...English is taking over COMMERCE worldwide...commerce is a peculiar form of war-fare/(war-sales/sails) says the government military manuals...commerce IS war the english language must be the language of war - its, self being - the war - of words! words war-ring(ing) in the mind/heart!

until One questions the mental maps/conceiving your field of knowing - one is stuck in someone else's illusions crafting by words and anchoring meaning to certain words...saying what you truly mean is an art...look at how ugly this art is thus far b/c i know im in good company eager to grow so i can throw a million little seeds and let them germinate on their own - life always forces light upon its self Smile

thursday i had an experience in courts that was nothing short of breath taking - when i discovered finally - the american state courts have been stripped of all their power to hear from the living...only federal courts can hear us and they have the doors locked pretty tight yet i already got through TWO YEARS AGO helping a friend who abandoned the case!!!!!!!!!

the real reason i come here today is this simple (and why i am rambling like a mouse hunting cheese!) - all the answers, all the sol-utions, are contained within your past experiences...i came to KNOW this very very very deeply when i was able to see "fractals within the fractals" is the only way i can de-scribe the experience(s) i am having...its like meta of the meta...i can now see it!!!!!!!!!!!!

the WHOLE MOVIE SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE is the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see this going on in others lives, not just my own, but all the fractals of one's experience are collapsing right now into each other - i am talking COSMIC type the higher self levels - oh wait PAST the "higher self" which was just an archonic personal liaison with sa-tan/demi-urge(s) central Smile

nothing external is any thing but an internal drama/play to be seen by the unseen creator - YOU - go look in that mirror again, b/c you are the mirror and it ye...who is reflecting who?

what you need and want to do right now is contained within your experienced being...what you need to say, how to act - what to already know it...its one interconnected fibonacci spiral...literally!!!!!!!!

lastly - i experience time as it truly flows now from the future, into the present which re-member the past...the past is created by the future...this is very hard to internalize...let alone accept at first...but it is this way and i will attempt to leave a mental map to help ye see it and perhaps it will seal this, that i deal...

it is said - experience is the hardest teacher b/c you get tested first and the lesson after...this IS time folks...experience...experiencing ourselves bound in does it FUNK-SHUN?  B/c its a mental projection, like all mental projections - it flows backwards of intention Smile   b/c like attracts like) 

When you experience life - it changes ye...b/c you get tested...and you "fail" might keep failing but one time, u take notice and see a lesson to be l-earning - you apply is to your self and you get tested again - THIS TIME YOU get tested a few more times until universe says that moment, you, the uni-verse, destroy your self, your little understanding of who ye was a moment ago and suddenly YOU RE-MEMBER THE PAST IN A NEW LIGHT...suddenly you see yourself and why you were an asshole to that pan handler who was just asking for some spare change - or that girlfriend that "did me wrong", in this present moment, re-order the past within this the one present moment...future presents past futures...

ps i'll be in federal court friday to lock it up...and all it took was four pieces of official paper and three sin-ten-says in the end...crazy...

RE: a Sin-Thesis - TheKwon - 06-07-2017

I love your posts Patrick. I don't always understand them and sometimes wonder what you're smoking but you seem inspired and that's awesome. And, that you're working the courts through the legal channels allowed is admirable. Hope you get what it is you're striving for! Keep us posted

RE: a Sin-Thesis - patrick - 13-07-2017

(06-07-2017, 02:32 PM)TheKwon wrote: I love your posts Patrick. I don't always understand them and sometimes wonder what you're smoking but you seem inspired and that's awesome. And, that you're working the courts through the legal channels allowed is admirable. Hope you get what it is you're striving for! Keep us posted

Thank you - as far as i have determined, much of what i share, isn't to be understood, its to unlock downloads later when you come across something in your experience and realize the sign post i placed that couldn't be understood then, is understood in this present moment, thus altering the past from the future...time flows backwards...i am is mirrored presence...inversion is the experience we find living...

This original post was made with an abundance of energy that had to be "dumped" and i figured this place is the home of the high strangest...or at least the most conscious open systems thinkers i have the grace to exchange energy with!

The legal stuff is highly technical and i've realized its almost impossible to walk through all the programming each of us possess - having just seen this video included, i'm inspired to finally post my first video to youtube to start to unpack some new thoughts at least and get everyone asking more logically based questions within..

For instance, being apolitical today, having merged the two halves of division: what sense does the russia/usa phobia make when we're supposedly enemies on land, but friends in space station activities? feigned foe is quite obvious to see - even better...did you volunteer a vote last time? how can a wrestler named jesse ventura, an alt-hero, use a fake stage name for PUBLIC GOVERNMENT OFFICE? if he's independent, why did nancy pelosi sign off on his card that "She knows he is this name"? i think most missed that boat so they are upgrading the in your face with KID ROCK just announced he's running for SENATE in michigan...using that fake stage name Smile 

lies...all we have here is well crafted lies...b/c we can take on features of our environment aka RNA programming (epigenetics: they'll connect it eventually), we lie to ourselves and dont know it...ask for the highest help of creation to see through all the veils, even the ones we've crafted and ALL the walls fall...

This video was my call to share wide - something i've been moved to do but honestly dont enjoy mass attention as i prefer to exit (stage right) with as few attachments to here as possible...

RE: a Sin-Thesis - TheKwon - 18-07-2017

I enjoyed the video very much well done. Did you make it? The girls are adorable if they are your daughters you’re doing a fine job!

Watching the vid inspired me to make an appointment with a local body worker who runs one of the massage schools here. He is extremely knowledgable in all kinds of massage modalities and is very well respected all over this state and nationally. His school is considered the best in Colorado. 

He does sessions only once a week because he’s busy running the school but the interesting thing is the only type of work he does anymore is Reconnection work by Eric Pearl. The Reconnection I’m looking forward to the sessions very much. I bought 3 and start later this week.

The other thing about the video is it reinforced what I’ve been working with and thinking about these last several weeks. 

That is simply this: Our ‘god force’ or magical abilities begin and expand with the content of our thoughts. This is our power. So simple and yet so complicated because getting control of our minds is quiet challenging not to mention over looked in culture. The constant bombardment and assault on our senses from established patterns to incoming experience makes it tough to lock into our moment to moment thought.

I remember back to the times when I was a slave to my thoughts and mind processes. I would get swept up in some established thought spiral and before I’m even out of bed in the morning the day is tainted with the negativity of habituated patterns.

Daily living is interesting from the magical perspective that my thoughts are the creational force in all the ‘universe’. As a body worker myself I see how the work I do helps people get out of pain a great deal. I have developed a system that works well beyond traditional massage. People tell me all the time that they’ve been going to Physical Therapy and massage and chiropractors for years and haven’t had the relief they have from just a few sessions with me. I’m very interested to experience reconnection work and add it to my tool box. Maybe it will become my best tool as it has for Mark Manton the school owner. 

The entire ‘trick’ to winning here is simply to be aware of and control all your thoughts. When a negative one slips in as they always do, catch it. Observe it and replace it with something better. This begins the process to becoming a magician.

RE: a Sin-Thesis - GnosisLover - 18-07-2017

Great comment Kwon. However, just one quick personal observation: 

„When a negative one slips in as they always do, catch it. Observe it and replace it with something better.” 

I would differ here. When a negative one slips in, leave it as it is... don't catch it, don't replace it, don't do anything... just leave it as it is and it will self liberate, it would vanish... it doesn't have any substantiality anyway. Otherwise, when you take action, it would multiply and generate more thoughts... And one get's right back to stage one, duality and it's traps. ... At least that's the way I understand it. 



RE: a Sin-Thesis - TheKwon - 21-07-2017

We may need to agree to disagree on this point. Since thoughts are creational and carry forward trying to manifest, then leaving it alone may do just that - manifest. In my mind it is better to dismantle it or replace it then let it go on to possibly create obstacles for oneself. When a negative thought or series of spiraling thoughts occur the key is to first recognize it is happening (most times it seems we barely recognize or identify with our thoughts) then choose to 'cancel' them or replace them with what you truly intend instead of allowing the spiral to play itself out. 

Negative thoughts seem to be on auto pilot much of the time. To me, action is necessary to dismantle the construct of repetitive patterns. Action is necessary to remove one construct and build a better 'magical' one in its place.

RE: a Sin-Thesis - GnosisLover - 21-07-2017

No problem on my part! Smile  I just offered an opinion, I do not have enough experience to speak with authority on the subject. I may be wrong but I’m still learning. This being said, to me, any action taken to remove, dismantle, stop negative thoughts would likely feed them your energy and ONLY then cause them to manifest & generate more thoughts, just like in a chain reaction. One  cannot really do this. Trying to stop your negative thoughts is like a thief becoming a policeman to catch the thief. In other words, the thief that becomes the policeman will not catch the thief, because he’s a thief himself. And so it is with our minds. When we use the mind to stop the thoughts, the mind will not stop the thoughts at all, because the mind wants to go on. So, it is better to do absolutely nothing. 

Here’s a quote on the subject that I find relevant to our discussion: 

“Allow the thoughts to come, whatever they are. Do absolutely nothing. It makes no difference what the thoughts are. Let them come, no matter how much they seem to frighten you, no matter how powerful they appear to be, let them come. Where do the thoughts come from to begin with? They come from nowhere. They do not come from consciousness. They do not come from pure awareness. They do not come from the Self. Where do the thoughts come from? From nowhere. They’re an optical illusion. They do not exist. They’re like the appearance of the sky on top of the mountain. The sky appears to be resting on top of the mountain, but it’s an optical illusion. Thoughts do not exist, whatsoever. Therefore you ask yourself: “Who’s thinking?” and you will find out, the ego is thinking. So here’s another point. When the thoughts slow down, so does the ego. The thoughts and the ego are synonymous. As the thoughts slow down, the ego slows down, and begins to also disappear with the thoughts. When there are no thoughts, there’s no ego. When there’s no ego, there’s nobody left to think. Then the question you will ask is: “How do I function without thinking?” As I mentioned before, the sage’s thoughts are like a burnt rope. They appear to be real, but they’re not. In other words, your thoughts are not real. They are false. How do you function without thoughts? Very well, thank you. Many of you still believe you have to have thoughts to function. You think you’ll become a vegetable, but you will be spontaneous without thoughts. You’ll be motivated by the Self. You will know what to do, where to go, whom to speak to, whom not to speak to, much better than you do now, much, much better. Things will happen to you spontaneously.”


RE: a Sin-Thesis - TheKwon - 23-07-2017


I cannot find ‘fault’ in this line of reasoning. It seems logical and within the realm of possibility. 

However, at this point I think existing 100% of the time without thoughts is unfathomable. Getting up to go to the kitchen begins with a thought. If we sit in constant meditation it’s possibly fathomable but even then….

I ‘believe’ with lots of practice and diligence we can learn to control and guide our minds and completely direct our thoughts. By being in charge of our minds and in perpetual conscious creation of our thoughts than we can be Creators (we already are Creators it’s just we’re creating chaos and victimhood with our weak and powerless thoughts). 

Our thoughts become the magic wand of creation and liberation. Rather than fighting to be an empty vessel we fill the vessel mind with things of our choosing while eliminating the things that limit. It seems we are victims of our thoughts and minds because we are unaware of the majority of our thoughts and secondly we choose thoughts than are limiting and disempowering. Whether we generate all of our thoughts is a topic worthy of discussion and debate. Even if some of our thoughts are not our own we reserve the power to accept or reject it and replace it with something better. 

In your scenario how would we generate power or things that we intend to create or do? Just hope it pops up and we do it? Conjures an image of a drifting directionless bubble. 


RE: a Sin-Thesis - GnosisLover - 23-07-2017

TheKwon, thanks for your input into this, it is a good discussion and I find valuable points in your posts.  Smile The dialog started from the idea of how to be aware of and in control of our thoughts, with emphasis on the negative ones. I responded on how to „master” the negative thoughts... not by trying to control them but just by leaving them as they are... and they would dissolve, vanish... and „good” thoughts will prevail (relative concepts with which the mind operates). You are right, there’s much power in focusing with our thoughts (in the absence of excess/excedentary potentials) on a certain goal... the goal could be achieved so much easier (IMO). But this is play in the Game, Matrix, which is fine. However, the next level towards Liberation from the Illusion is leaving all thoughts behind and acting from your eternal Self which is quite a different, powerful experience, not in the least like a „drifting, directionless bubble”. Once you act from this level, you would have all the power you need because you yourself ARE power. And the first step in that direction, IMO, is to cleanse your „vessel” which is your body. The cleaner the vessel, the more direct access one would have to the Eternal Self/Spirit within. I'm at this stage of the practice. After a couple of weeks just on fruits, seeds and distilled water, I already feel more vibrant and energized than ever, "on top of the world" so many times... it is a wonderful sensation, go try it yourself.  Big Grin 

I wish you joy without and peace within, 


RE: a Sin-Thesis - TheKwon - 26-07-2017


Thanks for your thoughts this is a good conversation I think too.  

Personally I cannot imagine existing here without using thoughts. How do I get up to go into the kitchen without first having the thought? I can only imagine a meditative state as the place to be without thought. I cannot have relationships in a meditative state. It seems to me relationships are elemental in Liberation building. 

Thoughts are a tool of the Spirit not an impediment to Spirit. 

If this place is a computer construct Matrix then thought would be the way we generate code. We are generating code already it’s just almost always in a haphazard, inconsistent and unconscious manner. We consider our thoughts to have so little creational power we don’t even recognize we are already creating with them all the time. We’re continually writing code but it’s weak non liberating code. 

Choosing to not have thoughts and choosing the thoughts that you consciously want to have seem like similar skills. Science says ‘Space abhors a vacuum’ which means anytime a space is created something always wants to rush in and fill it. If we create the empty mind without thought it seems like a continual battle to keep it empty. Wouldn’t it be easier and better to put things in our mind of our choosing rather than waiting to see what comes in? We are not continually having thoughts but when we do they seem random, counter-productive and they effect us in deeply pivotal ways. 

If we can train our minds with magical thoughts we will create a magical reality. Your definition of magical reality can be different than mine or anyone else’s for that matter. We can create whatever reality we choose to have with enough skill in generating the code. Maybe we can create an escape if that is what you want. Though I’m not sure we didn’t choose to be here in order to strengthen this power through the Earth experience of total amnesia. And, if we are trapped here against our will than consciously generating code could be the way out.  

Andro recommended the book Empire V which seems allegorically correct about humanities addiction to the ‘money mind’. Money itself has no worth at all it is the thoughts and desires surrounding it the vampires fed on. A simple way around ‘money mind’ and it’s energy sucking is to generate your own money through your own Creation. As an entrepreneur or artist or Healing Arts practitioner you generate wealth through your own conscious volition rather that contributing to someone else’s in order to get a pay check.  

If you love what you do then it still seems possible to generate freedom through wealth working for someone else. 

Having enough money not ‘to worry’ and also to do the things you dream up is a foundational pillar in magic building or creation building. 

To me, our greatest power is our ability to write code using thoughts. Keeping an empty mind free of thoughts is also a useful skill in that it strengthens the mind to be able to control what it does. 

Maybe a combination of connecting to Godself through non thought periods (such as meditation) is supplemented with strong skill in thought control / code writing.

Very Best Regards!