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Hello one and all! - Michael - 25-09-2017

Hello everyone,

My name is Michael. I'm a lad from Bulgaria. I started my journey into the esoteric matters some few years ago. It all started with a website, a colleague of my mother showed her, which hosted a collection of documentaries on conspiracy theories and the occult. I think I started watching them just out of boredom. Gradually I became more and more fascinated by those topics. My interest then slowly moved from the "mundanity" of conspiracy theories to more philosophical and esoteric topics. I am currently interested in different things like hermeticism, gnosticism, daoism, etc. Also I have a huge fascination for dreams. And not so much that I try to understand their nature or often even meaning, but I just love the crazy stories that I experience in them. However, in a way, I don't put my focus on any of the different strands of the esoteric sciences, but rather try to find the essence which I think underlies in all of them and to find a way to see what this means for my life.

Other than this, I love all kinds of arts. Usually, what I like, I try to do myself. So I like to write, I'm an amateur musician and photographer and even enjoy cooking when I'm in the mood. I work as a programmer and I practice Aikido. I am also interested in history, especially the period of antiquity.

I'm usually an introverted person and also, for some reason, I really dislike to talk about esoterics with people. Sometimes I talk about this kind of stuff, but only with one or two very close friends. I just feel that it's really something that is meant to be occulted in a way. But hopefully, this can change here with this forum.

I'm looking forward to hopefully many, interesting and fruitful discussions on this forum and... hm... Be prepared!

Michael Smile

RE: Hello one and all! - Andro - 25-09-2017

Hi Michael Smile

Glad you made it here!

I'm sure you'll have a lot to contribute... So please feel free to start new threads about topics that interest you! (or reply to existing ones)

(25-09-2017, 10:04 PM)Michael wrote: I'm usually an introverted person
It's much less challenging to be introverted when you're communicating from the comfort of your keyboard Smile

Welcome aboard!