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How To Register - Andro - 15-05-2016

How to Register

To register at Liberate Life Forums and have full posting access to our discussions, please complete ALL the following steps:

1. Click the "Register" button (top right side of the Forum page) and proceed with the instructions from there.
If you were referred to this forum by an already existing member, enter their forum name in the appropriate field.

Verify your email address by clicking on the link that has been emailed to you.

3. Fill out and submit the Application Form. This form can be accessed by clicking the link inside the black text-box that appears when you log in to the forums, after completing the previous steps.
Once you have submitted the Application Form, ignore the black text-box. It will no longer appear when/if your account is fully activated.

4. After your Application is reviewed and if you are approved to join, your full forum membership will be manually activated by an Administrator.

5. Introduce yourself by creating a new thread HERE.


Anyone who has not completed the entire registration process within 7 days from initiating it, will be deleted from the system.

You can always initiate the whole registration process again from the start, at a later time, if so inclined.

Also check out the logistical section of the forum... it can make orientation easier! Searching for new posts, inserting images, preventing unwanted logouts and more...